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new in treatment of a children's cerebral paralysis.


Unique a method of treatment of pathological impellent syndromes with infringement of a muscular tone. Complex rehabilitation with application of the modern not medicamentous techniques effectively influencing a pathological muscular tone. Original author's development (patents). A foreign operational experience. The individual program of treatment with guaranteed improvement in the shortest terms.
Course of treatment averages 15-20 sessions, with natural occurrence of positive changes on a background of realization of unitary course of treatment.The regularity of realization of rates is under construction under the individual program, in view of a condition of the impellent status of the patient.


New in treatment of a children's cerebral paralysis.


The problem of treatment of children's cerebral paralysis (cerebral palsy) till now remains sharp. Perfection of techniques of rahabilitation therapy of patients with , making significant interest of children's physical inability, represents an actual problem(task) of children's neurology and orthopedy. Among methods of complex therapy a special place occupy methods , basing on principles reflex-therapy,acupuncture.
The expressed action of microwave resonant therapy (МRT) on various functional systems of an organism have found application at treatment of all forms of a children's cerebral paralysis. Last years in medical practice and, in particular, in neurology with success energy of low - intensive infra-red laser radiation is used.
In 1990 the employee of a department on treatment of a children's cerebral paralysis of the All-Union research centre on health protection of mother and child Greys M.M., in the co-authorship with the head of a department professor Semenova K.A., offered the new way of treatment cerebral palsy uniting application МRT , laser radiation and the certain techniques from the unit reflex-therapy (Patents for the invention “ the Way of treatment of patients by a children's cerebral paralysis ” № 2058773 from April, 27, 1996 and № 2000109 from June, 11, 1993).
Use of a new principle in a choice of points of influence, a way of their identification, and also the techniques, allowing to prolong (to prolong) effect of a muscle-relaxation, have enabled to achieve expressed and steady positive dynamics(changes) in the impellent status of the patient for rather short time.
Offered the way of treatment cerebral palsy was approved on the basis of city children's clinical neurological hospital № 18 of Moscow for children with cerebral palsy, where has received a positive response and was recommended to wide application in the specialized clinics and branches (the Response for application of a way of treatment of a children's cerebral paralysis from May, 5, 1992).


All Union Center for Children with Cerebral Palsy.


In 1990 Greys M. suggested the method of treatment of cerebral palsy with using principles of reflexotherapy. The method is based on a discovery of a number of points with expressive relaxed effects that appear under the determined affects.
A new scheme of points disposition, a method of their finding and an original method of prolongation of myorelaxing effect makes the time of treatment shorter in comparison with traditional methods. After 3-5 days of treatment of this method was obtained a positive dynamic of moving reaction with increasing of mobility in joints. The sick persons felt significant increasing in arbitrary activity with tendency to improvement during following treatment. This method of treatment was used in more then 100 patients with different forms of CP. Most of them had hemiparetic forms the others of same cases with spastical diplegia. These forms contained atactical and spastico-hyperkynetic syndromes among the all cases. In groups of children where was used offered method, in 100% event received positive result, in contrast with groups, where method was not used, but where usual methods of processing.
For study electro- physiological date in neuro-motor state of a patients electro-myografic tests before the course of proposed treatment and after it were carried out. In a part of patients electrical activity was studied in relaxed and in maximal brace muscle condition. At the same time reflexive responds in appropriate nerves were observed (that are H-reflex and F-wave).A positive change in the parameters that accompanied clinical ongoing was seen during the investigation (that were lowering in spantanions BEA of muscles in relaxed state, decreasing involvement of antaganists from the one hand and increasing agonists from the other hand, overcaming F-wave block, normalization the H-reflex. The complex of changes shows interaction in reciprocal muscular work and proves pathogenetic character of the method.


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